A Nostalgic Joyride

(Campaign, Creative)

Dreamland Margate

Jumping into an unforgettable summer

Dreamland, Margate's lively fairground haven, where endless thrills and classic amusements create a nostalgic joyride! Keen to hit 2023 slap in the face with some good, old-fashioned seaside fun, the team at Dreamland tasked us with delivering the world on a candy floss stick, in record time. How can you show people just how much fun is on offer at a place like Dreamland, in one simple poster? A classic montage, but with the energy ramped up to 11.

A clear brief, and close working relationship was essential to keep this project spinning, from presentation of creative concept, to delivery of more than 23 assets, in under two weeks.

“Working with the team was a pleasure.  They conjured up a creative which reflects Dreamland’s many offerings, while retaining the core elements of what we’re all about…fun and good vibes.”

Amanda McCabe, Marketing & Communications Manager, Dreamland

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